Offered by Aleisha B. Chaffin, LPC
BrainBeat Conquer is a new computer-based cognitive trainer with advanced gaming technology that is scientifically proven to improve kids’ focus through engaging and interactive exercises. The program challenges them to self-train their brain by clapping in tune with a fixed beat while they conquer different animated worlds. As their timing improves, so does their ability to focus, which enhances learning, boosts engagement and quiets busy minds.

How Does It Work?

The “magic” is in the repeat effect of clapping to the beat. ‘Mastering the beat’ engages the decision-making (also known as the executive) area of the brain at the same time that rich gameplay engages the area handling visuals and sounds. Doing this repetitively syncs the brain [strengthening neural pathways, and creating new ones], helping kids concentrate longer and absorb information easier. Like riding a bike, the more kids do it, the better they get; and once they learn, they don’t forget.

Who Is Brainbeat For?

BrainBeat is designed for children ages 6-12. It is appropriate for any child who could benefit from better focus and concentration. It can improve organization, concentration, ability to complete tasks independently, and improve academic performance. For kids who might not be demonstrating their ‘best’ often enough in home and at school, BrainBeat training is an approach that delivers tangible results. Through better focus and timing, it has been proven to enhance academic, social and behavioral skills such as problem-solving, concentration, multi-tasking and more. It ultimately helps kids take on new challenges, achieve things that were difficult before and build confidence.

What Differentiates Brainbeat From The Other Cognitive/Brain Training Tools Out There?

People are increasingly concerned with losing their cognitive capability as evidenced by the growing market in “brain fitness” programs that claim to work on attention, concentration and memory. But, these programs employ cognitive exercises alone.

BrainBeat is fundamentally different from the other tools and training out there in that it also synchronizes movement and coordination activities and engages multiple senses, addressing both cognitive and physical abilities at once – in an incredibly precise manner, which takes kids’ engagement to next level.

Program Details

The program consists of 14 30 minute or 7 1 hour sessions at weekly or bi-weekly increments. There is a one time fee of $75.00 that is due at time of registration, and not billable to insurance. Standard session fees apply as well, and are billable to insurance.

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