• Comprehensive Autism Evaluations
  • ADHD Assessment
  • Assessments for Learning Disorders
  • Psychoeducational Evaluations
  • Mood, Anxiety, and Thought Disorders
  • Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Therapy for Therapists
  • Therapy for Clergy


Dr. Knight is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Alabama. She earned her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Georgia School of Professional Psychology, with dual specializations in Neuropsychology and Child & Family Therapy. Her clinical experience, education, and training include years of assessment and treatment of a wide range of psychological issues for diverse populations. She is an author and international speaker who has served her community for over a decade by facilitating workshops, leading support groups, and helping to guide graduate students in training to become therapists.

Dr. Knight is an authorized facilitator of Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children program, which is designed to help adults keep children safe from sexual abuse. Her research, training, and experience have included assessments, individual, couples, and group therapy, and treatment planning for clients in hospitals, clinics, schools, college campuses, private practices, and long-term care facilities.


Dr. Knight provides comprehensive evaluations to assess for autism, ADHD, and various anxiety, mood, and behavioral disorders evident from toddlers through older adulthood. Comprehensive assessments help with diagnostic clarification and treatment planning for those who may have Anxiety, Depression, ASD, ADHD, ODD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, PTSD, personality disorders, or psychosis. She also provides individual psychotherapy for clergy and those recovering from childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Knight is a Christian who strives to incorporate clients’ personal belief systems into their individually tailored treatment plans to facilitate a sense of balance and peace that works for each client. She is passionate about seeing brokenness restored and believes each person should be empowered to live up to his or her full potential. Contact her today to get “unstuck” and develop workable strategies for making lasting life changes for you and your family.


  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • The Practice Institute (TPI)

CONTACT: drknight@alapsych.com